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An Iraqi journalist threw his shoes at President Bush during a press conference in Iraq over the weekend.  Here is the video:

I'm not exactly a Bush fan, but nobody should be throwing anything at him.  Atleast not while he's president and especially not in another country.   But my real issue is not that this guy threw a shoe.  It's that he had time to take off a second shoe and throw that too. This is the President of the United States we are talking about. Once that first shoe left this dude's hand secret service should have been all over this guy like LT on Joe Theisman.

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Dear Netflix,

  I have Netflix.  Everyone I know has Netflix.  Stop sending me shit.  Every day I check my mail I think there's a new movie waiting for me and 9 times out of 10 it's a flyer asking me to buy Netflix for somebody else.  It's not fucking happening.  I'm not giving anybody the gift of Netflix this Christmas because everybody already has Netflix.  And even if they didn't I wouldn't buy it for them because that is about the lamest fucking present you can give somebody*.

*If you gave the gift of Netflix this year, I hope I offended you because you're an ass.

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I went to a party where everybody was playing Guitar Hero and the strangest thing happened.  I got this uncontrollable urge to give somebody a wedgie.  True story.

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There is something really pretentious about releasing an album under a fake identity like Beyonce's upcoming Sasha Fierce project.  But Sasha Fierce only scores about a 3 on the "I'm a douchebag scale". Remember Garth Brook's gay alter ego, Chris Gaines? That's about a 9.5.  

I do like it when comedians do this.  Call it a double standard, but it's funny and entirely un-douchey.  Blue Brothers, Spinal Tap, Tony Clifton, Borat, Vincent Laguardia Gambini; I enjoyed them all.

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Occasionally I take a minute out of my day and ponder why I, like so many Americans,  have no money.  Everyone knows the usual suspects: high gas prices, loan payments, credit cards etc. But it occurred to me, as it may have to you, that we have increasingly more "necessities" now than in the past.

For most of us, a cell phone is no longer a luxury item.  I don't know a single person under 30 without one and I'd have to strain to think of a person under 50 without one.  Simply put, it has become a necessity.   Soon this will be the case for a smart phone (iphone, blackberry, etc.) and the incurring data plan that comes with it.  Email has become a necessity, so has a home Internet connection. 

The bare bones, no frills consumer is getting squeezed out of the things he once enjoyed.  I don't have cable television and as a result I'm unable to watch what I would consider the basic staples of American sports, events that were, for as long as I can remember, enjoyed by millions of Americans for free.  I can't watch Monday Night Football anymore.  I couldn't watch 22 of the 28 playoff games played this baseball season.  Same goes for the NBA playoffs and any football game played on a Thursday night.  

Many things you once enjoyed for free you now have to pay for, whether it's listening to your favorite radio program or watching your favorite sports team play.  If you want to be a functioning member of society, you need a cell phone, a computer and a monthly subscription to operate both.  I don't have a land line, cable TV, or a data plan for my phone.  I have the cheapest cellphone plan of anyone I know and the best deal on cable Internet going today and I still pay upwards of 75 dollars a month for services that I literally can not be without.

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If this wasn't the greatest election of my life, it certainly was the grandest. It lasted nearly two years and was the most expensive campaign ever.  These were some of my favorite moments:

Jan 07 - Senator Joe Biden calls Barack Obama "articulate and bright and clean and a nice-looking guy" two days into his campaign, ending any chance he had of winning.

2/10/07 - Barak Obama formally announces he will run for President.

5/27/08 - John McCain formally announces he will run for President.

6/13/07 - Obama girl debuts on youtube.

10/22/07 - Chuck Norris endorses Governor Mike Huckabee.

12/13/07 - Oprah Winfrey endorses Obama.

1/3/08 - Obama wins Iowa Caucus.

2/5/08 - Super Tuesday - the Democratic race is still unresolved.

3/4/08 - McCain clinches Republican nomination.

3/18/08 - Obama gives his a speech on race  in response to the fall out over Rev. Jeremiah Wright. 

6/7/08 - Hillary Clinton concedes, endorses Obama.

8/22/08 - Joe Biden is selected as the Democratic candidate for Vice President.

8/29/08 - Governer Sarah Palin is selected as John McCain's running mate.

9/24/08 - McCain suspends campaign to fix economy days before the first presidential debate.

10/7/08 - McCain refers to Obama as "that one" during second debate.

10/14/08 - Joe "The Plumber" becomes a public figure after Obama tells him he wants to "spread the wealth around". 

10/19/08 - Fmr. Secretary of State, Colin Powell endorses Obama.

10/22/08 - McCain activist, Ashley Todd claims she was mugged and beaten by an Obama supporter.

10/24/08 - Todd admits to fabricating her story.

11/4/08 - Barack Obama wins election.

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This is the big one, America.  If you're not pumped, nervous, excited, or slightly worried then take your head out of your ass and pick an emotion.  Here is a list of places giving away free stuff to voters:

Starbucks:  Tell them you voted and get a free cup of coffee, America.

Ben & Jerry's: Get a free scoop of icecream.  Go USA!

Krispy Kreme: Show your "I voted" sticker and get a free Election Day donut or depending on your spelling preference, Doughnut, America.

CREDO Mobile:  If you suscribe to CREDO Mobile (who?) then you get free outgoing domestic calls as long as the polls are open.  America!

Shane's Rib Shack: Get a free "Vote America Meal", America.  That's three chicken tenders, fries and a 20 oz drink.  Just show them your "I voted" sticker.


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The remaining 4 measures on this Tuesday's ballot:

Prop 9: Victims rights and protection act

How I’m voting: NO

Why: The majority of what this measure proposes is sound and a ‘yes’ vote wouldn’t really be a bad idea.  Some of it seems unnecessary though.  Among other things, this wants to stop the early release of criminals due to overcrowded prisons, but that doesn’t even happen on the state level and that’s where they keep anybody serving more than 2 years.   A ‘no’ vote keeps things the way they are now and that doesn’t cost any more than it already does.

Why you should vote yes: You want fewer parole hearings for prisoners.

Prop 10: California Alternative Fuels Initiative

How I’m voting: NO

Why: Originally I supported this measure, but the arguments against it changed my mind. This authorizes 5 billion in bonds to be used as incentives to get people to buy clean vehicles, but the vast majority of that will go to big companies with large fleets of cars. Boone Pickens’ company has spent upwards of 17 million to get this passed and if it does he will reap huge profits. If the economy didn’t have two feet in the shitter and if we didn’t already have a big state deficit I might have gone the other way.

Why you should vote yes: You plan on buying a car that runs on something other than gas.

Prop 11: Redistricting, ‘Voter’s First Act’

How I’m voting: YES

Why: It makes sense to me and I can’t find any sort of hidden agenda behind it. Once every ten years the state re-draws the boundaries of the 120 legislative districts. Currently the state legislature does that by itself, this creates a commission to do it. 99% of incumbents win under the current system so you know that the state legislature doesn’t want that to change…scumbags.

Why you should vote yes: You are a state representative and you don’t want to lose your seat.

Prop 12: Veterans Bond Act

How I’m voting: YES

Why: This allows the state to sell 900 million dollars in general obligation bonds for the use of low interest home loans for California veterans. The loans would be repaid by the veterans who receive them, but because the money is coming from general obligation bonds, the tax payers are responsible to cover the difference if the veterans in the program can not fully cover the amount owed. BUT, they’ve been doing this since 1921 and the veterans have always been able to repay their debts.

Why you should vote no: ?

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As promised, here is my take on measures 5 through 8.

Prop 5: Nonviolent Offender Rehabilitation Act

How I’m voting: NO

Why: This reduces jail time for a variety of non violent crimes like dealing meth and identity theft which aren’t exactly victimless. Meth dealers are scumbags who practice bootleg chemistry in trailer parks and they belong in jail for more than 3 months at a clip. Also there is a potential loop hole for violent offenders to get out of jail by claiming a drug addiction was responsible for their behavior.

Why you should vote yes: You like to carry an ounce of weed on you at any given time. You want the tweaker who stole your shit to go to rehab instead of jail.

Prop 6: Police and Law Enforcement Funding. Criminal Penalties and Laws 

How I’m voting: NO

Why: This was another tough call. There are a lot of things in this measure that I like such as requiring sheriffs to notify Immigration and Customs Enforcement when an illegal alien is charged with a violent crime, but overall it is a little far reaching for something that will divert tax dollars away from other programs.

Why you should vote yes: You live in a gang infested area. You are a police officer. You aren’t voting to fund some of the other measures on the ballot.

Prop 7: Renewable energy generation initiative statute.

How I’m voting: NO

Why: I’m not going to lie. I didn’t read all the text for this measure because it’s like 40+ pages and pretty much devoid of any attention-keeping value. I did read the arguments and rebuttals and here’s what I came away with: the Republican, Democratic, Libertarian and Green Party are all against prop 7 for a variety of reasons, but all seem to think it is poorly written and that fits with what I thought when I was trying to read it.

Why you should vote yes: Danny Glover supports it.

Prop 8: Eliminates rights of same-sex couples to marry.

How I’m voting: NO

Why: If this was a vote on giving gay dudes a separate locker room at the gym I’d be all for it. But that doesn't change my belief that you should be able to marry whoever you want, where and whenever you want and I have no problem with schools teaching kids that some men marry men and some women marry women. Gay people exist and forbidding them from getting married isn’t going to make them go away.  

Why you should vote yes: You believe homosexuality is a disease that spreads through tolerance and education. You’re a weirdo who thinks this is a slippery slope that ends with people marrying their pets.

Tomorrow: Measures 9-12 

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For anyone voting in California that doesn't know yet how they are voting or does and would like to discuss it, this is how I am voting:

Q) Why should you listen to me? A) You shouldn't, you should make up your own mind, but I read the entire voter information guide and we both know you didn't. Also, I'm probably smarter than you.

Prop 1A: Safe, reliable high speed passenger train bond act.

How I’m voting: YES

Why: Despite being an extremely costly (9.5 billion) and potentially problematic undertaking, a bullet train connecting San Francisco to Los Angeles and eventually San Diego and San Jose could be a tremendous success. With consistent travel at speeds of more than 200mph this would greatly reduce travel time, airline congestion and interstate highway traffic. It will also reduce California’s CO(2) emissions and reliance on foreign oil.

Why you should vote no: You are skeptical of state funded undertakings of this magnitude. You work for an oil company. You work for an airline.

Prop 2: Standards for Confining Farm Animals 

How I’m voting: NO

Why: I spent more time thinking about and researching this measure than any of the rest and in the end it was probably the most difficult to decide on. I am completely in favor of giving pigs and calves adequate room to move around and if that were all this mandated then it would be a no-brainer, but this also bans the cages that farmers use to keep hens. I have to believe that if we passed this measure we would see farmers pick up and move to a state which allows them to use the equipment they currently have. The opponents of this measure say that hens kept outside are at risk for bird flu. I don’t believe that will be a real problem, but it is a scary thought. Finally I don’t want to import eggs from other states if we don’t have to, let alone Mexico.

Why you should vote yes: You already limit your egg purchases to those from free range hens. You believe the scumbag farmers who mistreat animals will stay put and abide by the new law rather than move their business elsewhere.

Prop 3: Children's Hospital Bond Act

How I’m voting: YES

Why: 980 million is a hefty sum especially when you consider the current economic outlook and state deficit, but I can’t in good conscious vote for a high speed train and not vote to fund children’s hospitals.

Why you should vote no: If you can sleep at night, do it

Prop 4: A 48 hour waiting period and parental notification before the termination of a minor’s pregnancy.

How I’m voting: NO

Why: I am not a pregnant teenager and I don’t know what it’s like to be one. I can’t pretend to know the reasons, valid or otherwise, that would cause a teenager to hide an abortion from her parents. Also (this is pure speculation on my part) if this were indeed the law, a scared and emotionally distraught girl might be more likely to attempt the procedure herself. 

Why you should vote yes: You have a promiscuous teenage daughter.

Props 5-8 tomorrow

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Meet Moey Rojas. In addition to having a really cool name, he has a pretty neat idea for a Halloween costume and his own website, Candyvote.com.  

He and his parents have fashioned a costume that will allow neighbors to vote for the candidate of their choice as he goes door to door.  He will even give the neighbors a sticker that shows they voted. At the end of the night he will post the results online.

This is the good stuff that we need more of.

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                            October 27, 2008           
George Weston Bakeries
Consumer Relations Department
P.O. Box 976
Horsham, PA 19044

Dear Sir or Madam,

As I’m sure you’re well aware, I have, over the years, occasionally made claims to be Sal Entenmenn, heir to the Entenmenn fortune. Although I’ve never benefited financially as Sal, I have used him to score with dozens of impressionable women. Yes, Sal Entenmenn and his empty promises of Ferrari rides and private getaways have served me quite well over the years. That is why I would like to take this opportunity to give something back to him and by him, I mean you.

Without getting too much into the details of my exploits, I would like to share with you something you may find appealing. It’s not long after people find out that I’m heir to the Entenmenn fortune that they tell how much they enjoy the crumb cake, specifically the crumbs. That is why I began telling people that I, Sal Entenmenn, have created Entenmenn’s "Bucket O’ Crumbs".

Let me explain the concept. You take the same crumbs that are on the crumb cake and you put them in a bucket. You don’t put the cake in the bucket, only the crumbs. I repeat: there is no cake in the bucket. Sal Entenmenn is all about giving the people what they want. Whether it’s a great night and a really disappointing morning or their favorite part of the cake, I think the people deserve it. Thank you.

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The story:  McCain supporter and white person, Ashley Todd was mugged at an ATM in Pittsburgh. What makes this story interesting is that after her attacker, a "big black guy", took her 60 dollars he noticed a McCain sticker on her car.  Seeing it made him so black and angry that he punched her in the head and carved a backwards "B" in her face.  The "B" is believed to stand for "Barack", but it could also stand for "black" or "big black penis".

Enter logic:  Either A) there is a very large, angry, dyslexic black man roaming the streets of Pittsburgh with 60 dollars in his pocket or B) somebody is lying.

Silly white girl.  You should have carved an "O" in your face.  Nobody is dumb enough to make a backwards "O".

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Sex offenders in Maryland are now required to post this sign on their door and turn out their lights on Halloween. Those who do not post the signs and remain at home will be taken to court and charged with a violation of parole.

I get what they are trying to do here, but I have some problems with it.

1) Sex offenders have the best candy. That's a fact. Let's say 100 kids show up at Mr. Ticklefinger's door. Ok? 99 are walking away with Hershey bars.

2) That's all I got. They're kid touchers for fuck sake, I did my best.

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I just tried the green tea variety of Coca Cola's new Gold Peak iced tea and... that was a mistake. Like an ass, I didn't read the label before I bought it so I didn't notice the 44 grams of sugar they stuffed into a 16 ounze bottle until it hit my lips.  
I didn't even realize it was made by Coke until I tasted it and knew something had gone horribly wrong.  It was so sweet I seriously thought for a second I was drinking pancake syrup. 

One packet of sugar contains 4 grams, so yes, I just drank 11 packets of sugar. 

If we were at a restaurant together and you ordered an iced tea then started pouring sugar in it, I would have to ask you to leave the table once you cracked open the 5th packet.  By the 8th packet I am deleting you from my phone and we are no longer friends.  If I drove, you are walking home or to the dentist or wherever it is crazy people like you need to go when you're done being crazy.  If you made it to 10 packets and I am still in the restaurant I am wrestling your voter registration card away from you and tearing it into a thousand pieces because people like you shouldn't be allowed to have a say in how our society operates. 

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Parents around the country are concerned that a new talking doll from Fisher Price is saying something they don't want their kids to hear.  The doll is supposed to coo and make babbling baby noises like a good, Jesus loving American baby, but what it actually says is "Islam is the light".    

The president of Fisher Price, Asif Abdul Muhammed, said "the doll does not contain any hidden messages and will remain in stores... Insha'Allah."

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It's no secret: I like charts. I want to make my own charts (and graphs) that I hope will someday be a major part of this blog.  I'm using adobe illustrator and so far I'm pretty lousy.  If' you're a psycho or just really observant, you will have noticed that I've widened the margins of the website. That is to make room for all these bad ass charts. 

So let me tell you a little bit about this first one.  It is a pie chart of Steven Seagal's first 30 roles. He played a cop or ex-cop 12 times, a CIA agent or a spy 5 times and fuck it, that's what the chart is for.

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You saw the wink, right? When she did that I was like "ohhhhhhh snap!"  Biden was not ready for that shit.  She was like "gee, gee, golly, gosh...WINK!"  Wink to the face, America!

Then Ol 'plugs' Biden started breathing all heavy on the mic like he was trying not to punch somebody.  It was crazy, yo!

But who won?  That's what people want to know. That's what I wanted to know.  So I went to 5 different websites to see what the polls said. 

According to the voters on the Drudge report, Palin won by a landslide.  Not as big as the landslide that Joe Biden won by according to the poll conducted by MSNBC, but a landslide nontheless. Let's take a look at the numbers, shall we?
as of 4pm 10/03/08

So what exactly does this mean?  Aside from proof that internet polls are worthless, nothing!

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Using a photo lifted from Google image search and Microsoft paint I have created this timely political cartoon.

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John McCain, winner of tonight's yet to occur presidential debate,  has not only vanquished his democratic opponent, he has bested the space-time continuum. 

The complicated laws of space-time which govern our universe came up short against the crafty Senator from Arizona.  In a brilliant move, Senator McCain pretended to call off the debate so he could return to Washington and fix our economic woes.  But while a dummy McCain sat quietly through the emergency bailout meetings, the real McCain was in Mississippi, 36 hours ahead of everyone else.

The critics who chastised McCain for suspending his campaign, flying to Washington and sitting on his hands, not talking, not offering an opinion, not really doing anything while his peers discussed how to solve the problems on Wall Street, will be shocked to learn that was only a dummy.  The real McCain tore through the fabric of space-time like it was a pair of delicate panties.

McCain reemerged from the future this morning, covered in a thin layer of goo and looking fatigued when he declared his victory by way of Internet advertising.  

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Oh man.  Did Lohan pick the wrong week to fake being gay or what?
What would have had to happen for something other than this story to make the cover of People magazine?  Travis Barker and DJ AM almost died in a fiery plane wreck and all they got was a tiny little box off to the side.  Same with the people who got all dolled up for the Emmys.  Tough shit ladies, Clay Aiken is gay!

You want to know what's gay?  Coming out of the closet in People magazine is gay.  George Michael came out after he got caught trying to pass himself off in a turnpike shithouse.  That's how a man comes out of the closet, with a dick in his hand, not holding a baby.

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You know how when an actor gets replaced by another actor on a TV show or in a sequel, like they did with Mrs. Banks on the Fresh Prince.  I call this getting gyllenhaaled. Because when Tobey Maguire said he hurt his back filming Seabiscuit and didn't want to shoot some of the scenes in Spiderman 2, the producers threatened to replace him with Jake Gyllenhaal.  And when Katie Holmes couldn't cut the mustard in Batman they replaced her with Maggie Gyllenhaal.  And on the TV show Entourage, when the fictional Vinnie Chase decided not to star in Aquaman 2 and they replaced him with you guessed it...Jake Gyllenhaal.

But did you know?

Rock and Roll High School Forever starring Corey Feldman was supposed to also star Corey Haim, but he got gyllenhaaled because he was all fucked up on the drugs so an actor by the name of Evan Richards did a Corey Haim impersonation instead.  Now dig on this: Corey Feldman, who provided the voice of Donatello in the first Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles, got gyllenhaaled out of the sequel because he was all fucked up on you guessed it...the drugs.  He did come back for the third installment.

For my money though, the greatest gyllenhaaling of all time: the Back the Future trilogy. Everybody knows Elizabeth Shue gyllenhaaled the girl who played Marty's girlfriend in part I, but did you know this: Crispin Glover played George McFly in the first one, but Jeffrey Weissman portrayed him in parts II and III.  Through the use of prosthetics and a really good Crispin Glover impersonation almost nobody could tell.

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Unless you've been living under a rock, you already know that "endurance artist", David Blaine has announced his newest and most dangerous stunt.

Starting September 22nd he will be suspended 50 feet above Central Park's Wollman Skating Rink, without a net, for 60 straight hours.

But don't worry. He will be using magnetic boots so there is absolutely zero chance of him falling. And he'll be above a skating rink so it will be really hard to throw shit at him from the slippery ice below.

The real danger will be taking place inside Blaine's body where the rush of blood to his head could cause him to go blind and/or have a brain hemorrhage. He also faces the very real threat of pissing in his own face which could contribute to the blindness thing.

Blaine's past stunts include being buried underground and being encased in a block of ice. He holds the world record for holding one's breath and has taken the world's longest shower.

In addition to his death defying stunts, he is an accomplished magician and bullshit artist, most famous for his failed attempt to make Dick Cheney appear likable.

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On my way to work this morning I saw a woman pushing a dog in a stroller.  The following took place inside my brain over the course of about one second:

That is the ugliest baby I've... Oh shit, devil spawn, kill it.   Wait, no.  I've been dosed.  Just go home and ride it out.  The boss will understand, he used to party.  Wait, is that? Ohhhh, I get it now. This person is a crazy maniac.

When I got to work I googled "psychos and dogs" and I found out a lot of stuff... like, they make strollers for cats too.

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For the first time in the history of the world, something other than porn is attracting the most Internet traffic.  According to a new study out of Australia, social networking sites are now the most visited destinations online, usurping the previous king of the Internet... titties.   Oh really?

So the modern teenage boy is no longer satisfied by the unattainable women of eastern Europe whose brimming mouths mumble barely coherent English.  Entertain if you will, my theory:  
The object of adolescent fantasy has come full circle.  Today's teenager, like his pre-Internet ancestors before him, fills his fancy with the young ladies of his very own home town.  Now, teenage boys everywhere, nerds and jocks a like, can electronically befriend the big tittied cheerleader who showed a little too much side boob in a facebook bikini pic. They can pull up photos of the pretty girl from Spanish class who didn't notice the camel toe on her myspace page.  Behold! The easy girl who never wears a bra to gym, wears nothing but a bra online!  With the click of a mouse these boys are whisked away to a sleepover that took place last month, last week or even last night.   

And you thought they were looking at something other than titties.  Shame on you.  The golden age of the Internet is truly upon us. 

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Allow me to revisit something that happened a while back.  John Edwards, while running for President, cheated on his wife... who was recovering from cancer.  His political career is over.  I think we can agree on that.  Why he would risk what he risked when he risked it is beyond me.  But hold on, that's not exactly why I'm so perplexed.  

His mistress gave birth to a baby and he was asked if the baby was his.  He claimed there was no way it could be his because of the timing of the affair.  Stop.  Does anybody else see a problem here?  How about "There is no way it could be mine because I wore a rubber."  Anybody?

Am I crazy?  Because basically he is saying, "yeah, not only did I cheat on my wife who had cancer while I was running for president, I went in bareback and blew a load in this chick, but don't be crazy, the kid's not mine, the timing's all wrong".  

Does anybody really think for a second that it's not his kid? I'm all for giving people the benefit of the doubt, but for fuck's sake.  How about throwing a dome on it, Johnboy.

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Righteous Kill was #3 at the Box Office!

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The McCain campaign took full advantage of Obama's choice of words this week, contorting them into a much talked about ad.  Here is it:

But what's this?  Oh snap!  It's Senator McCain using the same, very common expression.

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  If you don’t know who you’re voting for yet then you probably haven’t been paying attention. If you have then you’ve no doubt heard discussions about what makes someone qualified to be President. This is about when somebody yells something about experience and if you’re still listening then you’re already heading down the wrong path. The question you need to be asking yourself up to and until you cast your precious vote, is not who is the most qualified, but who will actually make the best president. It’s true that what makes up the most qualified candidate and what makes up the best choice for president often overlap, but in the end they are different questions.

  Not always, but often enough, when someone votes for who they think the most qualified candidate is, what they are really doing is voting against someone else, someone they believe or fear does not have what it takes to be our president. This is not the case when someone genuinely votes for who they think will be the best president, when they vote for the candidate they think will take our nation the furthest, the person they believe will do the most to better their own life and the lives of their friends and family. That person has truly voted for someone.

 Another problem with giving an inordinate amount of weight to being qualified is that qualification is largely determined by experience and no one is more experienced than a sitting president. This of course goes against a fundamental principle of our democracy, makes up part of the reason why we actually hold elections in the first place and is the defining reason why we do not elect kings.

 It’s easy to see why qualification is such an overvalued factor. There is, after all, no test a presidential candidate can take to show what kind of job he would do and if elected and only time can tell how good of a job he actually did. We can, however, look at history and see that some of our greatest presidents were not necessarily the most qualified candidates. Our greatest president, Abraham Lincoln, did not attend college and his highest office prior to becoming president was congressman. His opponent, Stephen A. Douglas was a college graduate, a senator, and it I’m sure it was argued, the most qualified person for the job.
 In this day and age it is safe to assume that if you’ve made it as far as your party’s nomination you are adequately qualified to hold the office. Trying to determine which candidate is more qualified should be a brief discussion among discussions about who will be the best person to lead our nation.

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