Thursday, November 06, 2008

If this wasn't the greatest election of my life, it certainly was the grandest. It lasted nearly two years and was the most expensive campaign ever.  These were some of my favorite moments:

Jan 07 - Senator Joe Biden calls Barack Obama "articulate and bright and clean and a nice-looking guy" two days into his campaign, ending any chance he had of winning.

2/10/07 - Barak Obama formally announces he will run for President.

5/27/08 - John McCain formally announces he will run for President.

6/13/07 - Obama girl debuts on youtube.

10/22/07 - Chuck Norris endorses Governor Mike Huckabee.

12/13/07 - Oprah Winfrey endorses Obama.

1/3/08 - Obama wins Iowa Caucus.

2/5/08 - Super Tuesday - the Democratic race is still unresolved.

3/4/08 - McCain clinches Republican nomination.

3/18/08 - Obama gives his a speech on race  in response to the fall out over Rev. Jeremiah Wright. 

6/7/08 - Hillary Clinton concedes, endorses Obama.

8/22/08 - Joe Biden is selected as the Democratic candidate for Vice President.

8/29/08 - Governer Sarah Palin is selected as John McCain's running mate.

9/24/08 - McCain suspends campaign to fix economy days before the first presidential debate.

10/7/08 - McCain refers to Obama as "that one" during second debate.

10/14/08 - Joe "The Plumber" becomes a public figure after Obama tells him he wants to "spread the wealth around". 

10/19/08 - Fmr. Secretary of State, Colin Powell endorses Obama.

10/22/08 - McCain activist, Ashley Todd claims she was mugged and beaten by an Obama supporter.

10/24/08 - Todd admits to fabricating her story.

11/4/08 - Barack Obama wins election.


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