Friday, October 24, 2008

The story:  McCain supporter and white person, Ashley Todd was mugged at an ATM in Pittsburgh. What makes this story interesting is that after her attacker, a "big black guy", took her 60 dollars he noticed a McCain sticker on her car.  Seeing it made him so black and angry that he punched her in the head and carved a backwards "B" in her face.  The "B" is believed to stand for "Barack", but it could also stand for "black" or "big black penis".

Enter logic:  Either A) there is a very large, angry, dyslexic black man roaming the streets of Pittsburgh with 60 dollars in his pocket or B) somebody is lying.

Silly white girl.  You should have carved an "O" in your face.  Nobody is dumb enough to make a backwards "O".


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