Thursday, September 06, 2007

I get about 4 new credit card applications in the mail every week and if you have a pulse you probably get them too. These letters say you've qualified for some special deal, but really they are saying "please sign up for a credit card, buy something you don't need and miss a payment so we can bleed you like a leech." If I want a credit card I will take the necessary steps to get one, end of story.

I am starting a new trend that will hopefully put an end to these obnoxious credit card mailings and I'm asking you to join me. It only takes about 30 seconds of your time. From now on, every time you get a new credit card application simply open it up and remove the pre-paid return envelope from the rest of the crap inside. Take the application and whatever else is in there and shred it. Now take the shredded application, stick it in the pre-paid envelope and drop it in the mail.

Why should you be the one who has to throw that crap away? Let them do it. And since these scumbags are paying for postage, why not make them use it. Hopefully after they get about 100,000 of these they'll get the idea.

*If you don't have a shredder just tear it up, but I would remove any pieces containing your name and throw them away before you send it back just to be safe.

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j. leo said...

That's a good idea. I just saw a trailer for a really interesting documentary coming out about this short of thing, how credit card companies give out loads of offers to everyone, knowing that some poor people won't read the fine print and a few will likely sign up and end up indebted to them for the rest of their lives. It's a real pain in the ass.

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