Saturday, January 13, 2007

How come it only takes one person to write a book but you need about 10 people to write a screenplay?


Los said...

Shouldn't you know the answer to that?

Lomax said...

the answer is because the people who run hollywood are idiots.

j. leo said...

Because you need five different sets of notes from five self-important people to make the project work... and for them, work means a completely different script than what it was once was: bland, dumbed down, and marketable, with lots of safe jokes added that do nothing. Because when you've got a great original script, it takes a lot of peopel to make it what ehy want, which is like everythign else.

I love how we just started out and we're already bitter about everything.

boon said...

Why does it take three men to replace a light bulb?

A. The light bulb is HUGE.
B. The three men are TINY.
C. Boon has gone nuts after being jobless.

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