Tuesday, November 14, 2006

If I asked what your opinion of K-Fed is, chances are you'd have something negative to say. Why? Because you don't like his music or his attitude? That's funny because all he's doing is living the American dream. Do you hate America?

Some jealous loser painted a target on this dude's back and now he's the guy everyone can make fun of without catching shit for it. But not this asshole. I like this guy K-Fed, I like his style. I'm not going to shit on his lawn like everybody else. I've never heard his music and I don't need to. It probably sucks, but so does 2/3 rds of the shit on the radio. I'm tired of people making fun of safe celebrities. Grow some fucking balls and make fun of the real shit out there and the idiots who support it. I'll get you started.

Jojo: Fuck Jojo, I'm tired of her. Tired, tired, tired, TIRED of Jojo.
Chad Kroeger: The dump I took this morning sounded better than Nickelback. Where is the justice in a world where this guy gets laid?
Fergie: This idiot is making 10 times as much money as you. Think about that.


    j. leo said...

    Did you see how Nickelback got denied by Ohio State? How were they even asking them in the frst place? Who the fuck do they think they are? Maybe my favorite story of the week.

    lil miss dubin said...

    my guess is fergie is making far, far more than 10 times more money than i make. but no one put a gun to my head and told me to become a magazine editor. plus, you know, no six-pack abs.

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