Thursday, October 19, 2006

If you've listened to a hip hop record in the last 5 years then you've probably heard the term hustlin'. A trained ear will tell you hustlin' is actually dervived from the English word hustling. To hustle someone is to swindle them, trick them, or cheat them out of something.

All this hustlin’ you keep hearing about must mean a great many people are walking around this country fuming mad that they got hustled, that or hustlin' is quickly becoming the most over used, misused word in the hip hop community. The following is an argument in favor of the latter.

Selling cocaine doesn't make you a hustler. It makes you a drug dealer. If you sell baking soda and tell people it is cocaine, you are a hustler. If you sell knockoff watches for 10 dollars you are not a hustler, you are a guy who sells trinkets. If you sell knockoff watches for 1200 dollars you are probably a hustler. If you win money playing dice you are lucky, if you cheat and don't get caught, congratulations you're a hustler. Remeber: In order for a hustle to take place someone has to get hustled. Thus, a prostitute who sucks cock for money is no more a hustler than a crackhead who sucks cock for money.


Carlothos said...

What if a prostitute occasionally swipes a 20 from her Johns, would she be a hustler?

Lomax said...

I think that would make her a thief.

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