Sunday, July 15, 2007

The American action film is dead. The United States has not produced a good action movie in close to 10 years. The last genuinely good, edge of your seat American action movie I saw was Kiss of the Dragon. That came out in 2001 and the writer, the director and 2 of the 3 leads were foreign born so I don't know if you can even count that as an American film.

Die Hard is without question the greatest action movie ever made. It reinvented the genre and it's probably the most borrowed from, mimicked film in cinema history. Why then did I not go to see the most recent installment of this franchise? Because I am tired of seeing wimpy, watered down, pansy-ass, pussy-foot PG-13 action movies.

There was once a time, not long ago when this great nation put out hard core, ass kicking, R-Rated action movies.  Movies like Death Wish, First Blood, Predator, Die Hard, Total Recall, Bloodsport, Robocop, Terminator, Aliens, etc. etc.  Look at the PG-13 pussy shit we have now: Pearl Harbor, XXX, Sahara, The Marine, The Transporter, etc. etc.  

Even Transformers which is based on some Hasbro play toys is softened up compared to the original CARTOON.  I don't expect the makers of Transformers to put out a hard R, but how could a cartoon aimed directly at children in the mid 80s be more intense than the live action film made in 2007 directed at those same children who are now adults?  That's fucking embarrassing.

Don't even get me started on Horror movies.

This is the new model for success in Hollywood -take an R-Rated classic, put it through the sissy cycle and remake as a PG-13 piece of trash that a bunch of 14 year old girls will go see before a sleep over.  

Here is short list of classic R- Rated movies currently being remade into PG-13 wastes of time:

The Warriors
Prom Night
Battle Royal
Foxy Brown
Police Academy
Revenge of the Nerds



ShortieShortHotPants said...

Heh- when i was a bit younger, we really did watch "scary" movies at sleep overs

Melindotty said...

I just want to say that Prom Night was so horrifically bad that it became good in an MST3K kind of way, if my fuzzy memory of seeing my older brother watch MST3K when I was five serves me right.

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