Friday, June 29, 2007

In lieu of the bizarre and tragic deaths of Chris Benoit and his family I thought it appropriate to examine what seems to be a disturbing trend in professional wrestling: the untimely deaths of so many of its stars.

Wrestling fans know that many of their childhood heroes have died young. HERE is a list of wrestlers I grew up watching who did not live to be 50.

I have not examined any of these deaths in great detail and by no means am I a medical expert, but I have my theories for why such a trend exists.

1) the tremendous size of most of these men. Carrying around 300, in some cases 500lbs or more is very taxing. You don't see many 350lb men over the age of fifty in any walk of life.

2) the pressure to be big and the use of steroids. Steroid use was rapant during the peak of a lot of these careers. Side effects are numerous and can include heart disease, paranoia and depression.

3) the pressure to perform and the use of painkillers. When your job consits of falling from great heights and being dropped on your head, chances are you're going to be in a lot of pain. Painkillers are regularly used so these guys can perform day in and day out.

4) narcotics and the rock star lifestyle. You've heard the theory that rockstars use drugs to match the adrenaline high of being on stage, to keep the party going if you will. Same applies here.

Mixing drugs, whether they be steroids, painkillers, prescriptions, alochol, cocaine or anything else, can be a deadly combination.

5) bad luck. Sometimes being in the wrong place at the wrong time is all it takes.



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