Friday, March 02, 2007

John Travolta was launched into stardom following his acclaimed performance in the now classic Saturday Night Fever, but after he followed it with crappy film after crappy film he was relegated to B-movie status and his career became a punch line.

As you probably know, his career was revived by another acclaimed performance in another classic film: Pulp Fiction. Since then Travolta continued his streak of crappy film after crappy film, yet this time his career thrives. I call this THE TRAVOLTA PARADOX.

The poop that Travolta smeared all over the screen from '77 to '94 is actually better than the fecal matter which he has splattered the screen with post '94. Examine if you will the evidence:

Urban Cowboy, 1980
Blow Out, 1981
Staying Alive, 1983
Two of a Kind, 1983
Perfect, 1985
The Experts, 1989
Look Who's Talking, 1989
Look Who's Talking Too, 1990
Look Who's Talking Now 1993

compare that to:

Mad City, 1997
A Civil Action, 1998
Primary Color, 1998
The General's Daughter, 1999
Battlefield Earth, 2000
Lucky Numbers, 2000
SwordFish, 2001
Domestic Disturbance, 2001
Basic, 2003
The Punisher, 2004
Ladder 49, 2004
Be Cool, 2005
Lonely Hearts, 2006
Wild Hogs, 2007



boon said...

You've seen all of that?

boon that gone crazy

Lomax said...

I've seen enough, Boon. I've seen enough.

j. leo said...

People always forget about Blow Out, which isn't spectacular, but is the most Philly-centric movie besides any Rocky. I don't think Stallone ever drove a truck through City Hall's annex... so Travolta had that going for him.

Whoa! A boontastic sighting!

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