Friday, December 08, 2006

Paris Hitlon is widely considered a no talent celbutante, famous only for being famous, yet Johnny Knoxville somehow has a legitimate acting career. She's good looking and likes sucking cock. He's goofy and likes taking shots to the balls. Why is he any more qualified to be famous?


j. leo said...

True story:

the producer at my old internship was asking me for casting advice on hot young actors to fill a role in an upcoming horror flick. He suggested... that guy.

"But he's not really a horror guy" I said. "he's just done stupid comedies."

"Yes," he replied, "but that's good because he'll bring an exisiting audience to the theaters. He'll draw more people into it. I think he fits the role."

"What's the role again?"

"The main character is a writer of scary stories who comes back to his old home in the English countryside. Johhny could be a bit bookish, couldn't he?"

After months of kissing his ass, I had to be honest with the guy.

"Uh, honestly, sir, no one is ever going to believe that Johnny Knoxville ever freaking read a book.... let alone wrote one... I think there's got to be a much better pick."

awkward silence...

"Hmmmm... what about Ryan Reynolds?"


(I keep checking imdb every so often to see if any of this will happen. I'm guessing it absolutely does. Why the fuck not....)

Lomax said...

Now that is a good comment.

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