Tuesday, December 19, 2006

The following story was taken from the BBC news and can be found on their website in its original form.

A top Indian woman athlete who won a silver medal at a recent regional championship has failed a gender test, officials say.
Santhi Soundararajan, who took the silver in the women's 800m race at the Asian Games in Doha, has been stripped of her medal, reports say.

Soundararajan, 25, was declared the best athlete at an Indian championship in the capital, Delhi, this year.

The test is not mandatory, but is carried out if officials want it or a rival team protests, reports say. KP Mohan, a sports journalist, said athletes were usually examined by a team of doctors, including a gynaecologist, endocrinologist and psychologist, and put through physical and clinical examinations during a gender test.

The test was carried out soon after Soundararajan came second in the women's 800m race on 9 December.

I feel bad for this woman, in part for being internationally outed as man, but also because she isn't a cheater yet must be treated as such. Meanwhile, noone is talking about the real story here - somebody beat this dude.


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