Tuesday, September 12, 2006

Have you ever walked past a crazy bum who is talking to himself and he interrupts his own conversation to ask you for change? It's weird because rarely do you see a bum having a laid back "how's the weather" type of conversation with himself. Most of these conversations are pretty intense, end of the world kind of stuff. Not the type of thing you'd think they'd want to interrupt. I don't understand it. I don't understand how these crazy bums think.


Carlothos said...

Nice blog. You'll defenitely post here on a weekly basis. HA! Nice effort. This will not last two months. I tried google blogs too for a bit.

j. leo said...

Me and my lady friend were coming out of a chinese restaurant around here in a fairly nice strip mall when a homeles tag team consisting of a white girl in a wheel chair and a black guy that looked like Jimmy Rollins cornered us and begged for food. When we said no, we were in a rush (which was actually true), they got very angry with us and the guy ran after us shaking his fist as I burned it out of the parking lot. that's the weirdest scene I've ben it out here. In the inland, along every stop of the I-10, there is always at least one bum camping out and holdign up a sign as you get off the ramp.

By the way, my address here is jleohalleyscomet.blogspot.com. If you wan to link. I'm just copying my blogs from here onto myspace, so they're all the same on either page.

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